Online Forum


Questions, feature requests, and bug reports for MHKiT-Python and MHKiT-MATLAB should be submitted to the GitHub Issues Page. The GitHub online forums are managed by the MHKiT development team and users.


MHKiT-Python and MHKiT-MATLAB welcomes feedback and code contributions. Software developers interested in contributing to the MHKiT open-source software are encouraged to use GitHub to create a Fork of the repository into their GitHub user account. To include your additions to the MHKiT code, please submit a pull request of the modified repository. Once reviewed by the MHKiT development team, pull requests will be merged into the MHKiT master branch, and included in future releases of MHKiT. Software developers, within the MHKiT development team and external collaborators, are expected to follow standard practices to document and test new code.