Power Module

The power module contains a set of functions to calculate quantities of interest for calculating generated power and assessing power quality.

The power module contains the following submodules:

  • characteristics: Calculates power quantities of interest from voltage and current timseries.

  • quality: Functions to assess power quality, including harmonics, interharmonics, and distortion. Calculations are based on IEC TS 62600-30:2018 ED1 and IEC TS 61000-4-7:2008 ED2.

See MHKiT-Python or MHKiT-MATLAB for more details on the power module.

IEC/TS 62600-30

Timeseries of voltage and current are the primary inputs for the power module. IEC/TS 62600-30 requires that power quality is determined using at least 10 minute windows of data, collected with at least 2 kHz sampling frequency. Power quality should be assessed under all ocean, tidal, or current conditions to fully assess the power produced by the device.