DOLfYN Module

The dolfyn (Doppler Oceanography Library for pYthoN) module contains a set of functions to injest binary Nortek or RDI files. Only available in MHKiT-Python in v0.5.0 or later.

API Documentation


The dolfyn module contains the following submodules:

  • adp: Contains functions to process, clean and analyze ADCP data

  • adv: Contains functions to process, clean and analyze ADV data

  • io: Contains functions to read binary Nortek (e.g., .VEC, .wpr, .ad2cp, etc.) or RDI (.000, .PD0, .ENX, etc.) data file.

  • rotate: Contains tools to rotate a dataset to a new coordinate system.

  • time: Contains functions to modify the format of the stored time between a variety of time formats.

  • tools: Contains miscellaneous functions used in mhkit that may prove useful to users

See MHKiT-Python for more details on the Dolfyn module.