Tidal Module

The tidal module contains a set of functions to calculate relevant quantities of interest for tidal energy converters (TEC).

The tidal module contains the following submodules:

  • io: Loads tidal velocity and direction data from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) currents.

  • resource: Computes resource assessment metrics, including exceedance probability, principal directions of flow, and directions of ebb and flood flows. Calculations are based on IEC TS 62600-201:2015 ED1.

  • performance: Computes device metrics such as equivalent diameter, tip speed ratio, and capture area. Calculations are based on IEC TS 62600-200:2013 ED1.

  • graphics: Generates graphics, including rose plots and joint probability distributions.

See MHKiT-Python or MHKiT-MATLAB for more details on the tidal module.