Wave Module

The wave module contains a set of functions to calculate quantities of interest for wave energy converters (WEC).

API Documentation


The wave module contains the following submodules:

  • io: Loads wave elevation and spectra data from standard formats including WEC-Sim, SWAN, WPTO hindcast, CDiP, and NDBC data.

  • resource: Computes resource assessment metrics, including wave energy spectra, significant wave height and peak period. Calculations are based on IEC TS 62600-101:2015 ED1.

  • performance: Computes performance metrics such as capture length matrix, and mean annual energy production. Calculations are based on IEC TS 62600-100:2012 ED1.

  • graphics: Generates graphics, including elevation time-series, spectra, and scatter diagrams.

  • contours: Calculates envoronmental contours of extreme seastates.

See MHKiT-Python or MHKiT-MATLAB for more details on the wave module.